See Meaningful Correlations in Random Data

Global Consciousness Monitor

GCP Monitor by NCPCS   NCPCS GCP brochure

   Dual  Quantum Tunneling Random Number Generator (RNG)

 Subtle but real effects of consciousness are important scientifically, but  the real reward could be immediate awareness. 

The programming team, electrical engineers and independent volunteers have been collaborating through NCPCS to develop technologies to convert randomized data into binary bits utilizing algorithmic Random Number Generator (RNG)  programs and advanced electronics. We have developed and are working on various new prototypes to help be aware of recently discovered anomalous coalescent events in time .

A Global Consciousness Monitor tracks and monitors coalescent events in Real-Time. Generated random and unsuspected sequential patterns are visually displayed on an 81 grid array of independently lit LEDs. A data log of the binary bits is maintained detailing Time, Date and indication of the output from each individual RNG. Here sequential anomalous coalescent events that are recorded stand out even more clearly from what should be randomized data.

 Each monitor consists of two vortex based random number generators independently controlling its own plane. Coalescing results of the two Random Number Generators running in unison join to light one indicator of a 9x9 grid array. Extended pulses from an individual LED of the 81 position grid indicates a sequential anomalous coalescent event visually.   We have had a unit up and running now for some time,... Compare data from a Global Consciousness Monitor with world events and we think you will be astonished!     

Just Released

Android GCM apk

Android Global Consciousness Monitoring Application
NCPCS GCP brochureBrochure

Visually see and track these patterns in space time yourself, using the computing power of your Cell Phone. 

Free version allows you to manually scan by clicking the button repeatedly. Notice these coalescent events in time yourself for free. The full program available for only $1.00 USD will allow you to continually scan, log and better track to compare captured coalescent events to real time events across the globe.

 Install Notes: If you have trouble installing this App you may have to change some default Security Settings on your device. Choose your Settings button, under General tab see under Privacy, Fingerprints & Security next under Unknown Sources check the box -> Allow Installation of Apps From Sources Other Than Google Play Store.....  App should install and run fine now.


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